Introducing "School Success"
The school-tested program proven to boost the academic performance
of students willing to "take the risk."


"Schoool Success" is a secondary level elective credit class designed with the student and their individual needs in mind.

In 1994 Leigh M. VandenAkker, M.Ed. a teacher at Taylorsville High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah's Granite School District, developed "School Success." Leigh was trained as a sociologist and criminologist (University of Utah, 1975). She went on to develop her ideas for teaching "at-risk" students academic study skills and the mastery of behavioral stress. She also worked on ways to increase a student's grade point average through tracking techniques - coupled with constant coordination with the student, his or her parents, and the teachers. Leigh teamed up with professional motivational speaker and author, Darol Wagstaff, and Graham Ambrose, a gifted and talented writer and communications consultant to co-author the School Success curriculum.

School Success includes forty weeks of lessons based on "Three A's For An A:" Academics, Attitude and Attendance. This core curriculum focuses on five key objectives: 1. Teach learning skills; 2. Foster relationships; 3. Track daily progress; 4. Teach responsibility; and 5. Improve respect for self and others. This class gives the student a new and innovative way to meet school demands and experience outstanding performance from individual attention.

Qualified students enter the classroom recognizing that unless they are willing to "take a risk" to succeed in school and become individually accountable, they will always be "at-risk".

Daily Class Format
1. Check in: Students personally check in and make contact with the teacher.
2. Lesson: Lessons and group activities focus on Academics, Attitude, and Attendance.
3. Individual Supervised Study: After the lesson is over, class members have individual supervised study time, giving them a chance to keep current, be tutored, and get help in classes where they need it.
4. Check-Out: During Check-Out time, each student gives a daily accounting and follows-up on the goals they have set in their personal, home/family and school life.

Students across north america are succeeding in high school because of this class. They are turning their high school experience from one of failure to one of success. Much of this success is due to caring and devoted teachers and youth workers and to the leadership of Utah's Granite Education Foundations "At-Risk Youth" committee. One student said, "It's taught me how to control my anger and how to confront a the right way. It's also helped me get better grades and understand how to take notes."

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